training cancelled

originally i wanted to make a 3 hour training session on the range this morning since i had to come to work quite late today. but i was too enthusiastic about this new blog and stayed online to get it going what i started in the evening.

result is that i managed quite some things (regarding twitter, facebook, domain, email and so forth) that i missed to get to the range. that is a pity due to the fact that it’s already quite cold here in mid-germany and that the weather is not getting better but worse. so there are not many opportunities left for me to go on the range or out for a round (or half).

maybe tomorrow morning, before work… depends on how quick i can get to sleep tonight. sweet dreams, see you!

One thought on “training cancelled

  1. nope. early appointment today. so no training at all this week… tomorrow is packed with segway, friends and party. keep you updated on the progress, but to be honest – weather is getting really cold out here and i’m a sunshine golfer! :)
    this weekend might be one of last chances to go for a round… a pity!

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