can martin kaymer make it?

it’s all in his hands: martin kaymer, german golf professional, can put himself at the top of the world golf ranking list. due to tiger’s absence and the terrific shape martin is in, i think he can make it. the only thing he has to do is to win the upcoming european tour event, the andalucia valderrama masters in spain. even when he finishes second (tied with not more than one other player!) the world cup points would be enough, because lee westwood, who would otherwise claim the crown, is still injured and not playing this week.

i will keep my fingers definitely crossed. what a special season that could be for martin; please imagine that! winning 4 tournaments in a row, winning his first major with the PGA championship in whistling straits, winning the ryder cup with his european mates and setting himself next to the 12 other players in golf history that gained the label “world leader”… this imagination should create some goosebumps on martin’s skin, huh?!

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