still struggling with back pain

as i said, germany is getting cold these days. i planned a last round for this season with my boss and a former colleague at kiawah golf park in riedstadt. tee time was 8.30am and it was cold and foggy.

i decided the day before to take my carry bag and not the heavy tour staff bag with trolley. it turned to be a not-so-good-decision. carrying 14 clubs, a bunch of balls, rain clothes and other stuff might not the best idea when it’s 5°C cold, windy and the only thing that really keeps a part of the body warm, is the beanie. the round itself wasn’t my best either. i shot some quite nice drives into the wind, holed some nice putts but my mid-iron-play and the wedges weren’t on fire. truth be told, i only shot 25 points! shame on me!

after the round i realized that there is smth wrong and it turned into huge back pain with which i’m still struggling with, 5 days later. thank to heat plasters and hotties i can ease the pain a bit.

i feel like 80!! and the moral of the story: i found a new sport where i can get hurt. would have bet a grand that golf is a “friendly” sport! folks, how wrong i am!!

must look like quasimodo; me running around the office, trying to look smart while leaning forward since upright walk is still impossible! but my colleagues are polite. they don’t laugh in public.

2 thoughts on “still struggling with back pain

  1. hi alex,

    next time u better decide for the trolley-version ;-)
    hope to be able to start soon this year again with u guys on the nice greens in our surroundings.

    happy new year

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