thoughts about new clubs

iron play is important; that’s what i believe. no questions, drives and putts are important too, but since we are no pros, we always find ourselves in positions and situations where there is no drive-wedge-putt-scenariao. we have to use our irons quite regularly.

due to that especially amateurs have to consider to buy the best and most suitable clubs for themselves. the problem i have is, that all the clubs should be perfect and damn good looking!

so this is what i’m thinking about: either purchasing a titleist set or – to match my woods – a nike set.

titleist: i love this brand! they are producing perfect clubs (“serious clubs for serious golfers”) and primarily the 710 MB (muscle back) or the respective CB (cavity back) is both good and nice! considering me as a 19-handicapper, i’m looking for a combination of professional clubs to work the ball the way i like it to and on the other hand to give that support i need since i’m not (yet) a scratch golfer. therefore even the titleist’s AP1 or AP2 are coming to my mind.

nike: all my woods are nike sasquatch and i like’em a lot. from that point of view it might be a good idea to buy a nike iron set. currently i think about purchasing the nike pro v combo set (blade 8-P, split cavity 5-7, full cavity 2-4). they help the mid-hadicapper in long iron shots and provide flexibility and workability in short iron shots.

has anybody encountered some experiences with these clubs? please leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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