who (or what) is to blame for my hook?

it’s funny. day in, day out i try to get better in golf. playing rounds after rounds, heading to the driving range at least once a week to get in shape in the spring time and to really improve during summer and autumn.

the problem i had and hated the most was a huge hook with my woods. so there was no (absolutely not a single) drive that went straight. really everything had a right-to-left curve. i always assumed: ok, that’s my fault and i have to adjust my swing, despite i’m quite confident with it and really have no idea anymore what i could do wrong (maybe a bit but not much).

19 is my current handicap and i play quite fast and athlectically. now the point is, my clubs are not fitted and i have regular shafts in all of my woods (and my irons as well). and now it’s coming to my mind that exactly that could be the reason for my hook. lately, i’ve seen some vids on youtube how to cure a hook and what the flex of the shaft has to do with that kind of problem. the guy in the video was telling that too much flex can lead to a hook, where too less flex (too stiff) can lead to a slice.

and guess what: i’m gonna try some stiff flexed shafts first, before i order some more clubs. i always thought that fitting is not important for me and that regular would great for me – regular shafts for regular guys! but now i think it’s woth a try… all for the handicap!!

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