tough 2011 european tour schedule

the current year reaches its end, snow is falling here in germany, christmas trees are lined up and nobody is really considering a round of golf. they would maybe when the mercury would show some nicer temperatures. but central europe is not florida!

so everybody that i know is waiting for next year and everything we can do (except from going on expensive golf vacation) is to watch the pro tours and how all the lucky guys play and win in the emirates, south africa, australia, the US or somewhere else. the problem is that nobody really thinks about these tournaments as being both important and valuable. so everybody is waiting for the masters in april and everything prior to that seems just to be a smooth warm-up.

but it is a lot of money to earn and keeping in mind that tour pros have to pass more tournaments than last year (at least 13 to receive the tour card), all players out there take the chance being in such warm scenery and fulfill the new set of regulations. for sure they mentally concentrate on the much more important tournaments like the already mentioned masters or the BMW PGA championship in the dignified wentwoth club.

the first tournament for 2011 will be the alfred dunhill championship, played in leopard creek country club, south africa (you might follow the tournament on the european tour pages), already starting at december 9, 2010! bottom line: the tour pros have either a very short or next to no winter break at all. and a tough year is following: all 52 weeks of 2011 are filled with a tournament! …stress for the players, fun for fans!

i’m looking sooo much forward to 2011, you can’t imagine!

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