bye 2010, hello 2011

it’s like sb has turned the clock too fast. the year 2011 is already starting, tomorrow in malelane, south africa, to be precise. the golf season 2010 is over for just days and the following season 2011 starts this week, which is mid-december.

on the one hand strange to think about, on the other hand the fan of watching the games on telly is in a perfect situation. no winter-break, no snow-games, nothing. just beautiful sport on beautiful venues in beautiful spots in the world. so don’t relax, don’t settle: the next tournament is just around the corner:

the alfred dunhill championship in south africa (in the amazing leopard creek country club) is the first tournament of the “year” 2011 and thus the first tournament in the season where all numbers are set back to zero. everybody has a chance to score again. and of course we will see a dramatic 2011, i’m pretty convinced.

what do you expect from 2011? any thoughts? share below!

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