why ebay is not the right place for me!

it happened not only once, not twice… i can’t count it anymore: i find something perfect on ebay, a real bargain or just some stuff i looked for and couldn’t find somewhere else. i log in, i keep an eye on that specific product, i place my bid, i wait day-in day-out for the very last minutes and start climbing my bid just to 30 seconds before the end, then i insert a bid that is much higher… and always lose just by cents!! that is so mean!

today i wanted to win the auction for a brand new set of beautiful titleist 710 CB irons. i was ready for the rally, entered my bid into my iPhone much higher, just to wait for the others to come after me. when somebody outbid my price, leaving one single minute on the clock, i throwed 50 more EUR into the bargain and waited the last seconds for the success… just to get the information that somebody bid 1,55 EUR more than me in the end!!

i lost the auction for my dream irons just by 1,55 EUR… i hate it! and i guess i won’t ebay for quite a while now. i’m totally exhausted with losing all the time! i’ll better play golf with my 10-year old clubs and get a better feeling than losing some stuff in the internet. i’m done!

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