happy new successful year!

read it as you like it, but in my opinion it is a wish… and a huge one! my 2010 golf year was up-and-down: i played not that much and had too many times where i was angry about myself and my game. yes, i reduced my handicap from 23 to 19. that is definitely on the up-side but it mustn’t be the end of the story – golf is too important for me.

2011 is going to be my golf year, that’s my plan and new year’s resolution. i will play as much as i can, i take again some lessons and will improve my game immensly, i will go on at least one golf holiday and want to play as many different courses i can to make new experiences and to enjoy what this beautiful sport has to give. in addition i want to follow the professional tours very closely – both PGA and the european. first because i enjoy it very much, second because then i have enough topics to blog about. so it’s a win-win, dear readers!!

and what is just coming to my mind; a friend of mine invited me to munich to join him at the BMW international open in munich this year. that’s going to be awesome!! it’s in mid-june and i’m so much looking forward to it! shaking hands with martin kaymer would be great!

there’s one more thing left: to be well prepared and have everything in place to fulfill the plan/wish, i ordered a new set of irons yesterday evening. read more about it in the following post.

wish me luck! i wish you all the best for 2011 and hope you can accomplish all your resolutions! you can do it… just do it!

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