first round of the year!

cold, foggy, freezy… but what a nice first round this was! 9.30h in the morning -2°C in frankfurt and i’m going to have my first round of 2011. unfortunately i forgot to book a tee-time so it was impossible to play the “nessie” course at golf club bachgrund, but the 9-hole “happy luck” course i was sent to was not as bad as expected.

“happy luck” is a par 35, 3000m, 9-hole course which was the basis for the golf park with its current 36 holes. while “nessie” is a championship-course, “happy luck” is more or less a training course (next to another short-course). despite the fact that it’s still winter, the course was in appropriate condition. it was wet and a bit muddy, but possible to play summer greens and that was a surprisingly good information.

i definitely plan to play the “nessie” course this year, but i guess to really enjoy it, i have to make some progress in my game first. btw, my score wasn’t too bad today. after 2 double-bogeys i shot some constant pars and bogeys. felt nice. pars are highly welcome this year!

if you want to have some more information about bachgrund (20 mins from frankfurt, germany), visit the club website. a specialty about the club is, being a member (of the club and therefore as well of the “golf absolute” organization) allows to play several other courses in the region as well. it’s just like the club had 10 courses spread around south-west germany where you can play free of charge (meaning no extra greenfee).

stay tuned for more (and more detailed) course reviews to come. this was just the beginning…

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