after-work-golf on a saturday morning

some of you might know XING, as being an online network facility just like linkedin for serious business contacts. within that functionality there is a group of some voluntaries that organize after-work-golf rounds for those who are interested in some nice shots and some business network chats.

due to the fact that at 6pm, when the tournaments usually start, there is nothing than darkness on a golf course, they organized a saturday-january-round for some golf enthusiasts like me, who are willing to play at 0°C. so basically the hard core of the group found itself at bachgrund golf club near frankfurt to have some fun on the course and some interesting talks afterwards. some of us brought cake, muffins, tea (with and without rum), glühwein and some other sweets. and it was really fun!

my game wasn’t too shabby though. we played 9 holes on tricky winter greens and i shot +9… which is, aggregated to 18 holes a +18 and that’s better than my current handicap! so i’m curious what this year has to offer! but chance had a hand in this too: a water hazard on the 6th hole was totally frozen and therefore my second shot bounced some times on the ice until it reached the other waterside, where the ball landed softly on the fairway, just a chip away from the flag. lucky me! :)

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