disastrous cold weather

actually, i wanted to progress quite early this year. wanted to improve my drive, to get used to my new wedges and to gain self-assurance in my overall game. but currently the weather got bad in mid-germany. not that it would rain, you could protect yourself against that; it’s antarctic!

ok, that’s a bit exaggerated, i admit, but -10°C in the morning when i want to play 18 holes… no way! first, i don’t have enough layers at home to cover my body to avoid freezing. second, a smooth swing is impossible to facilitate when shivering around that much. third, you can’t put a tee in the ground and at least that should be a sign that something is completely wrong.

i hate the current situation! i registered for my first tournament at the end of march, but i’m not able to practise… i definitely live in the wrong part of the world… i’m dreaming about fresh and lush bentgrass.

the only thing i currently can do, is sitting around, waiting for warmer days, reading every golf stuff i can find to stay in the mood and hoping for a weather’s god give in. I’m not a wimp, far from it, and played at 0°C quite some times, but i’m totally fed up with this cold and hate it to cancel training sessions and scheduled round just by having a look at the thermometer!! grrrr brrrr

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