is this switzerland or what?!

being back in golf-mood after a ski-trip to austria, i took the chance to play a course in bremen, near to the place where my parents live. i’ve never played this course so far, so i was quite looking forward to it (despite the fact that originally i wanted to play the club zur vahr garlstedt course, but wasn’t allowed on the weekend).

i was accompanied by my girlfriend who wanted to spend the time with me on the course and wanted to sniff some golf air, since she hasn’t started playing yet! she liked it being out there and to care for pulling my trolley. some other groups that were noticing that must have thought: “what a bloody chauvinist! he is letting his girl carrying his clubs!”. but for sure, this was not the case!!

the course itself is situated in the north-western part of bremen, which is itself again in the north-western part of germany. the course is quite young, i.e. 2003. but to be honest, it’s not a beauty at all!! the course conditions were poor, the layout (except holes 2, 15, 16, 17) is lame and the surrounding is really kind of ugly.

the 17 is a nice island green, but guess what, it was closed. so the one and only attraction of the course was not in play!! pity!

the other thing that was bothering us was the slow playing groups in front of us. these guys needed roughly 12 strokes per hole and never had in mind to let me through. that was really on the personal downside of the club members whereas all the people we met were very nice and polite. so if you can cope with slow but friendly fellows; this is your club! it is called “bremer schweiz” which is german for “switzerland of bremen” and you know what? i have no idea what this is about! neither there are mountains or even high hills, nor is there the beauty of the country in the alps (at least currently it is not). i wanted to ask what this is all about, but unfortunately i forgot. i also missed to find out what these small rocks on the back-nine fairways were about. so there are some unsolved mysteries left… but i guess i’m not taking the effort!

bottom line: it was a beautiful day in sunny weather, playing the most beautiful sport in the world in company with my girlfriend. but the course is not worth respecting, the other groups were slow like hell and i doubt that i will come back that quick!

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