welcoming spring, unwelcoming my nasty draw!

the beauty and the beast… both are back!! the beauty in the form of a beautiful sunny spring day in northern germany where i visited my parents and took the chance to play 18 holes. the beast is back in the nasty form of an unpredictable heavy draw i play in all of my clubs, except wedges. that is so mean, and i’ve really no idea what i’m doing wrong. i took some video shots of my swing and analyzed them in slow motion, but there was nothing i could see that was obviously wrong – as a matter of fact it really looked very nice!

it’s not that this is a brand new probem, i play the draw for quite a while now and my coach said it would take a while to cure that. i have no idea whether this comment was just for giving me a hint that it could be time consuming and expensive or just technically impossible in a short period of time. i think i’ll better try that on my own…

the bad thing is that i enrolled for my first tournament of the year next week and the only way my handicap is obliged to go is down!! so i’m under pressure now to find a way to make the best score with it and to work on that problem later on. one solution would be to close the stance by 90°!! when i consider my last drives, the ball would definitely land on the fairway…

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