golf on tv: caddyshack (1980)

when was the first time you came across a golf movie? and – not less important – what would you really consider a golf movie? some guys taking their sticks to the course to play some holes? no, not really. what i had in mind is films which main topic has something to do with the game of golf. i think about about “tin cup”, “bagger vance”, “the greatest game ever played”, my personal first golf movie “happy gilmore” and last but not least, the choice of many of you: “caddyshack”.

this film is crazy, yes it is. funny and a bit embarrasing as well. but it fits the time! starring chevy chase, rodney dangerfield, ted knight, cindy morgan, the brilliant bill murray and many others. the setting is an elite country club that… let’s say: faces some hard times!

from my perspective, it wasn’t bill murray’s best role. but he must have liked it, since bill was one of the major scriptwriters for this movie and he wrote the role of karl spackler just for himself. so you might think that bill is as crazy as his film role. but don’t listen to me. watch the movie! as you read this, you might be interested in golf, then caddyshack is real must-see since it’s 30 years old and already a classic. here’s the movie trailer:

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