ups and downs at golf club weilrod

tuesday morning, 6.45h, the alarm clock wakes me after roughly 5 hours of sleep. it’s damn cold outside but the weather looks promising for later afternoon. then stepping out of bed and dressing up for the upcoming early bird golf round with my boss and a former colleague.

we wanted to come around a bit and to test some courses we haven’t played yet, so golf club weilrod was the choice. it’s a pretty course, situated amidst of the taunus, approx 40 minutes north-west from frankfurt city. i’ve never played here before, so it was a new chapter of my 2011 golf adventure through hesse.

tee time was somewhat after 8 and we were starting with no warm-up at all. and guys, believe me: that was the last time i come for a tee time, tee off and start swinging (barely awake) on the first tee box. i have realized too often that i need some time for preparation.

why do i tell you that? because i played horrible golf the first nine holes!! two bogeys on 1 and 2, that’s ok but the following holes were as dreadful as it gets… unfortunately, i realized the problem a bit too late and decided to leave my woods and hybrids in the bag. so i began to play with my irons only and after the switch i played quite some decent golf. needless to say that my 4-iron does not have the length i need to make every green in regulation, but i played bogey nearly every hole!

one, but not unimportant exception was the 13, where i played birdie! tee shot with 4-iron, short pitch and a 2 meter putt. funny scorecard in the end: not one single par!! some bogeys and some annulled holes on the first 9, then bogeys, one birdie and i guess it was two double-bogeys in some place between. nothing to be proud of, but interesting enough a very up and down.

the course itself is very hilly and you either need very good condition to stand the 18 holes or a cart! the fairways aren’t very ondulated but constantly sloping to one direction. result is, that you’ll never find a flat lie to shoot from: there’s always a situation where you’ll find yourself under or over the ball. that’s what makes it very tricky in my point of view.

the greens weren’t in good shape at all. i heard that due to the fact that the course is situated in the taunus and that wintertime lasts a bit longer and is a bit colder than somewhere else, the club had problems with getting the greens in shape for springtime. that was a bit of a peeve but nothing to be really angry about.

i will definitely come back some time, because there are some very nice holes with broad and sloping fairways where you might be able to hit a 300m drive! only condition: you can play your woods (especially the driver) and you’re mostly straight… which i’m currently not! my woods are barely flying, but that’s another story.

to crown it all, i forgot to bring my camera. so there are no evidence pictures unfortunately. and another thing to mention here: the staff, either in the pro shop or the restaurant, was polite and helpful beyond all measure! i have some clubs in mind where i experienced just the opposite!

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