score analysis of the easter weekend tournament

as i already explained in another post, i use the golfshot GPS tool on my iPhone/iPad and the golfshot online tool to assist in my swing and scoring analyses. of course i entered as well my latest tournament, where i played an 86. the most interesting thing about that round was, that i solely used my irons. so i haven’t hit one single stroke with one of my hybrids, my 3-wood or the driver. and that just to be as precise with my tee shots as possible. it worked out very well, i’d say!

now let’s do some number crunching! i shot an 86, as already mentioned. i needed 36 putts exactly, what leads to a rate of 2.0 per hole. speaking of putts, i had three 1-putts and three 3-putts, the rest 2-putts. the greens were in horrible condition and i guess i could have done better, but that is really no excuse.

overall i played 9 pars, 5 bogeys and 3 double-bogeys and 1 triple-bogey. the triple resulted from a drive which i could’t find in the rough and where i had to continue with my provisional ball: 4th out of the rough right at the green side fringe, one chip onto the green, two putts: that’s an ugly triple-bogey! but the good news is, that this penalty shot for not finding my first tee shot, was the only on the entire round.

sand: i had only two bunker shots and on both holes i could save a bogey, what is quite fair.

now to the most important figures: i’ve hit 57% fairways on both front and back nine and as i can remember, the ones that missed the fairway were in very good and playable position. regarding GIR (greens in regulation) i earned a 67% on the front nine and only 22% on the back nine, which leads to the overall figure of 44% GIR. that’s not perfect but not bad at all. i can remember some nice shots, e.g. some 2nd shots on par-4s, that were shot with 4-iron or 5-iron and beautifully and softly landed on the green. smile on my face, mental fist-pumping, 2 additional putts: boom! even par. what else could i expect?

i had 2 or 3 real birdie chances but to be honest; my putting wasn’t really good that day. it wasn’t even close. please have a look at the charts:

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