Germany’s most northern golf course: Golf Club Sylt

Sylt is a unique island and hence has some unique sights. One of the main reasons coming here (for a guy like me) are the perfect possibilities to play golf, because there are not less than three courses on this small island (in fact there is one more, but that’s a private 9-hole course and not an official member of the german golf association).

I started my golf-week with playing the most northern German golf course, the Golf Club Sylt, which was only a 3-minute drive by car from our rental house in Wenningstedt. Next to a typical friesian club house there is a modern pro shop with polite people and a professional starter office. The organization was very quick, so from arriving there to getting on the course, it took me not more than 5 minutes.

Only downside from my current view: at that time I played the course, there wasn’t a kind of birdie book or strokesaver available (should be 4 weeks later), which was very unlucky because it’s always a mess with courses you haven’t played yet. I personally have problems to get perfect orientation and at least for greens in regulation statistics that would be very useful. So it took me a while to get the distances, the proper approaches and the orientation since I played my round alone and had no assistance by other club members or experienced guests. Especially when there are no signs and no yardages displayed at the tee boxes at all, it makes the round a bit harder…. and the score worse!

The course is mostly flat and offers beautiful views at the lighthouse, into the dunes, into the heather and onto the sea. The fairways and greens were in good shape, the weather was quite breezy but sunny, there wasn’t much traffic, which all helped to fully enjoy the round.

Speaking of scores, I shot a round of 95, what equals 32 stableford points in my case. It’s a fair result under such circumstances! 6 pars were very well appreciated!

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