One perfect week on Sylt – full of golf!

What a week! I just arrived from a one-week trip to Sylt, the beautiful island in the North Sea. In deed, May is a very good time to play golf on Sylt: Easter is over, so that crowd is gone, it’s not hot enough to swim in the sea or to sun-bath at the beach, so that crowd is not here yet. What’s left is retired people, inhabitants and Sylt- and golf-enthusiasts like me!

The island currently is like empty. The difference to July/August couldn’t be bigger: There are no crowds at the beach, no waiting queues in front of restaurants, no problems to get a table in bars and clubs, no Ferraris/Porsches/Bentleys cruising through Kampen and hence no traffic on the golf courses as well! And that was what I liked the most.

I planned to play all of the 3 official golf courses, as I already mentioned in another post. I enrolled for a golf-hopping event and was able to play to a fairly low price (of 160 EUR for 3 rounds). The organization couldn’t be easier: Just walk into the clubhouse of the first club you want to play, register for golf-hopping, pay… and play. It’s that easy. I highly recommend it to all of you planning to go there some day!

Sylt has three major golf courses. One is old, one is a bit younger and one is only 2 years old. That’s Golf Club Budersand, a new scottish-looking links-course that’s currently belonging to Germany’s 3 best courses (and was rated to ‘best new course’ in 2010). And I think it deserves that title, but more on that later on. However, there were storms and generally breezy weather when we arrived, so every course was, due to their links character, a real challenge!

Let me put it in sequential order. First, I decided to play Golf Club Sylt, then Budersand and then – last but not least – the Marine Golf Club Sylt. Every course is a unique nature masterpiece and perfectly set into the island’s landscape. Each of them has pros and cons but all are stunning and very worth to play! Due to this importance of every single round, I will present the courses in separate posts on Golficiency. So please continue reading as follows:

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