3rd best course in Germany: Golf Club Budersand Sylt

Second golf experience on Sylt: the famous new golf course at the most southern tip of the island: Budersand. together with the 5-star superior Golf and Spa Hotel Budersand, this resort is very worth a golf trip.

The course is currently rated as 3rd best course in Germany and was ‘Best new Course’ in 2010. It is a true links course with interesting fairways between hilly dunes and the sea. It’s a beautiful spot out here. At some points I nearly forgot to play and watched, enjoyed and took pictures instead.

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15th at #Budersand. #Golf #Sylt

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The course has very narrow fairways, deep pot bunkers and some tricky water hazards. so every player really has to be as precise as possible, should consider to play mostly with irons and has to carry enough balls! There is not much between striking a beautiful shot right on the fairway and – on the other hand – to lose the ball in the hilly dunes just meters away. To be honest: the course is not easy at all and I lost quite some balls, which is bad. Therefore I would recommend to buy a birdie book for 4 EUR, that could help avoiding the most dumbest mistakes.

The starter was a funny guy, offered a chat and some coffee and had no problems putting me into the field without tee time. Too bad that I was unlucky with the group in front of me which was the slowest couple ever!! He, 70+, massive guy, driving in a cart, followed by his skinny wife, by foot(!) and both slow like hell! Fortunately they realized the same at the 4th and let me through. After that point, I had a great day: the weather was brilliant, not too warm, not too cold, the wind went down to normal condition as you expect right at the coast and the course was in good shape. OK, the fairways were a bit dry and brown here and there but these greens were the best I’ve ever played! No idea how the greenkeepers can achieve that this early after the winter.

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#golf #budersand #sylt #linkscourse #germany

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#golf #sylt #budersand

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Score-wise it wasn’t my best golf day at all! By far! I shot a round of 103 which equals 30 points in my case. that is due to the tough ranking the course has. But I lost too many balls, hence had too many penalties and wasn’t hitting the ball constantly enough (for my liking).

Only 3 pars and 5 bogeys, I have to confess. The rest worse… shame on me! But the course is really tough and, like the day before, when there is nobody that might give you some tips, it’s hard to go for the green and squeeze everything out of every shot (GIR: 0%). And orientation was an issue again. I think I might play way better when I get there a second time! We will see…

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