birdie, par, birdie, par, par…

well guys, this round last thursday was a quite interesting one! the people that know me and my game are aware of the fact, that i have a decent iron game but a shitty wood play! and i have to confess: i’ve no damn idea why that is…

so during this practice round with 2 other guys i quite often play with, the plan was to use my driver as much as possible and not to get in bad mood when there’s happening some bad shots. a word and a blow, i took my nike sumo SQ 5900 driver out of the bag as often as the holes would fit to such long tee shots and the result was sobering! but, as i expected bad scores in the beginning, i wasn’t getting angry at myself at all. it was anticipated in some way.

what really wasn’t anticipated was the fact that somewhere during the round my drives turned out to really fly as i’d like it. the result was some nice drives of at least 240 meters right down the fairway! and you know what’s coming next if you’d carefully read the title of this post: a nice series of birdie, par, birdie, par, par!

i can’t imagine another round where i shot such good scores in a row and was 2 under after 5 holes! i was quite happy as you might understand and will definitely practice some more tee shots with my driver in the near future. i guess it’s worth the effort – keeping ‘break 80’ in mind which is my next big target i’m aiming at! so continue keeping your fingers crossed for my game and my efforts in order to make my way to a single handicap golfer. your support is highly appreciated!

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