lessons learned: part 2 – distance to the ball, wrist action, swing speed

after the last couple of rounds i made some additional adjustments to my swing. i had the feeling that there is definitely some improvement possible without any professional help. so i altered here and there and am quite confident that i can reduce some additional strokes on the round.

distance to the ball:
especially  with my woods, i always had the feeling, that i was standing too close. the result was an outside-inside upswing and some negative effect on my downswing, where i had to push the ball. combined with weight shift during the swing and a closed club face, that led to a dirty hook. i hope that i can make some more improvements in this field, since this hook is really annoying me!! but a bit more distance to the ball at address and therefore a more solid swing on the backswing is a good starting point i guess.

wrist action:
next issue i was working on is my wrist action through the downswing and at impact. the reason for that is that i always had the feeling that the club face was perfect at address but more or less closed at impact because of position transfer and weight shift during the downswing. in my opinion that could have led to my pull-hook of the last months. so what i tried is to accelerate the opening of the club face in the upswing and to really delay the closing through the downswing. result should be a more open club face at the center of the body and combined with weight shift a perfect parallel club face at impact. that would lead – in my case – to beautiful dead straight ball flights.

swing path, swing speed:
i see so many newcomers on the range, guys that are playing just for month and they are really hammering the ball instead of swinging through it! these greenhorns have twice the swing speed than mine, with 4 times strain, much less flight control and no fun at all – and only one third of my distance! i tried to reduce the swing speed even more over the last month and – guess what – the balls travel further and much straighter. all that with better swing rhythm, less speed, better path and much less use of force. that’s because exertion of force is contradicting the beauty of the swing and of the whole sport, i do believe! you know what i mean when you see mid-aged men swinging like hell, losing total control of their shots and as well of their own balance. i will never understand these people and their ugly approach to this beautiful and athletic sport!!!

believe me, guys: less upswing, less speed goes hand in hand with more distance, more control, better trajectory and more birdie chances (what equals a lot of fun)! take me as an example: i’m reducing my swing speed constantly and i have next to not one single miss-hit on the round!

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