golf industry’s attempt to give us the run-around

as a continuous reader, you might have a clue that i don’t believe white drivers have ANY impact on the game of golf. what i do believe is, that the PR and marketing guys have found some astonishing way to increase sales figures. thumbs up for them; the dumb customer is now buying every white club available…

what i also hate is golf clubs (mainly drivers) with too many possibilities for adjustments: a screw here, an option on the hosel there, a slight weight on the bottom and another weight screw at the back. that’s just messing around! come on guys, buy decent clubs, don’t get dictated by the golf industry and alter your swing, not your club! when the balls are hooking or slicing like hell, it’s not the wrong driver, it’s a lame swing, believe me!!

crown of it all is the taylor made R11 driver. a new leap forward in technology, they say. but where is the real innovation? the color?! are you kidding me?! the multiple screws at the club head? not really, do you think? so where’s the benefit? if you see some, please comment on this post, since i can’t see any reason to purchase such pricy club right now if i compare it to other current drivers in the market. and if you read between the lines of the following video review of the series, you might realize that they are quite positive regarding performance and playability but don’t praise the color and possibilities of adjustment that much. have a look:

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