no race to belek… yet!

last friday, i was playing the MLP golf jounal trophy in idstein, near frankfurt, germany. the lucky folks that can win a handicap class get the chance to fly to belek, turkey to play in a kind of world final.

this trip to belek is a “must-win”, when i ask a friend of mine. he’s attending this final the 4th consecutive time and to be honest: i want to go there too!

so the only thing to do is to win a tournament… a word and a blow, normally the course is very suitable for me, but winning is not easy i can tell you. take last friday for instance: i was feeling pretty well, was confident not only in my iron play but as well in the woods, which i practiced a lot in the last weeks. shotgun-start at the 8th hole, first drive, boom… shot in the bushes on the right… new ball, penalty, some more shots and you can imagine how bad that went on. next hole: quite the same. aaahhhrrrgghh!

bottom line: i left my woods and hybrids in the bag, played only with my irons, had some more bad shots on the round and ended as 22nd of 34… not that kind of result i was hoping for!

but there are some more chances left. these tournaments are played all over germany and i will play at least one more, i.e. in leipzig golf & country club in july. we will see how my performance is improving till that time.

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