PGA iPad app available…

…and recommended! a couple of days ago, the PGA published an app in the apple app store that is solely programmed for the iPad. hence there’s no need anymore to either use the iPhone app on the iPad or to have the whole laptop at hand while enjoying the PGA tour with little extra information needs… or basically just for being on-the-go.

the app is really good looking and offers a bunch of neat features in order to be well informed throughout the season. i can highly recommend using the app; it’s really fun and offers a lot!

Here you see some screenshots of the application to get a feel for the professional variety of this app. The first picture shows the start window with basic tournament information that’s currently running, a small leaderboard, video footage and most important information.

you can easily follow your favourite player and get instant information about his current game.

not only the players are presented extensively but also the courses get introduced in detail; with additional hole-by-hole information… for the number crunchers among yourselves.

and once again – it’s all about statistics – and there’s definitely some interesting information in all these figures. and if you like to rely on numbers; this is really the place to go!

all in all a very professional and good looking application for the iPad. it was produced in collaboration with callaway (or at least with their money) that’s why you’ll see some small adverts on every single page. it was fine for me, not too big and kind of expected, since this app is free of charge.

you’ll find the app in the apple app store.

what would have been the burner really: live streaming! unfortunately the app “only” offers video footage but no live video stream, that would be smth to think about for the future. i understand that many pay-tv stations and channels try to force their subscribers to stay onboard but that would bring the service to the next level: maybe compared to the app, where all season pass owners have the possibility to see these games live on the iPad… how savvy is that?

check out this video to see what the players think!

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