The Grove: an elite golfing venue!

Last week it was the London Golf Club, south-east of London, this week it was The Grove, north-west of London. Both fabulous golf courses and venues but The Grove really blew me away today. It’s a fairly new course and really everything is in perfect shape.

What’s as well in perfect shape is the service. You have no idea how incredibly thoughtful the staff of The Grove is. Really amazing how they organise stuff, care for you and make your stay as comfortable as possible; beginning with valet parking, golf bag handling, carts preparation, club and shoe care and not ending with delicious food in one of the restaurants, tournament management etc.

If you’re in the Watford area in Hertfordshire or just fancying a perfect round of golf, please consider to play a round at The Grove, you’ll never regret it. It’s not cheap but definitely worth it. Best would be to stay for the whole day… or even overnight in the stunning hotel (member of The Leading Hotels of the World).

Tiger Woods won the American Express Championship here in 2006. It’s just an amazing place:

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