New equipment! Dream clubs all over the place!

“Serious clubs for serious golfers”. That’s what Titleist says in their adverts. What they mean is that Titleist clubs are for the better golfers. Is that true? Well think about the MB series, pure muscle back, no offset, blades at their best. Definitely only for single handicappers. Quite the same for the CB series, cavity back, but really only a small help in terms of MOI and sweet spot extension. As well something for the better player therefore.

What about the AP1 and AP2 then? AP stands for “Advanced Performance” and is meant to be a set of clubs for people that need some help – game improvement clubs so to say. The AP1 is a really chunky beast, big top line, fairly big offset and high MOI. All supportive, no question about it, but not appealing to one’s eye at all.

I went for the AP2 712, same as Adam Scott, Rory McIlroy, Matteo Manassero and many others on tour are playing. It’s a beautiful club with a slightly bigger sweet spot compared to the MBs or the CBs. So perfect for guys like me – 15 handicappers on their way down to let’s say 5. All of the irons have ProjectX 5.5 shafts.

In addition I bought new SM4 Bob Vokey wedges from Titleist, a new Titleist Scotty Cameron putter and a complete set of Titleist metal woods; a 910 D2 driver, a 910F 3-wood and a 910H hybrid instead of a 3-iron.

What can I say. All in all a dream set of clubs. Really the best stuff I’ve ever had. We’ll see how my scoring will react on that… :)

For some more specs please have a look at the ITB section of golficiency.

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