Need to play more Rounds!

That’s what I learned from my last tournament and from a training session I had last week with my golf teaching pro near Frankfurt, Germany. This year leaves mixed feelings. Yes, I’ve been to two incredible courses around London and yes, it was great fun. And yes, I was playing a tournament lately and yes I scored 39 points… BUT these three rounds were the only rounds I was playing the whole year! Can you imagine that?! For a golf-maniac like I am, nothing is worse than not being on the course, believe me!

And I was playing all right, remember I scored 39 points, playing the third round this year and had a lots of crappy shots throughout the round. Imagine what would have been possible if I had the time to practice or even play regularly…

Yes I miss that! The old golf course accessibility I was used to. With that my handicap would drop, I feel that… But I can’t help it. I have to live with it and to make small steps to my single handicap.

Richard, my teaching pro, has some valuable tips for me. Still playing with too much draw he taught me how to swing a bit more from the inside to the outside, what is – as far as I was believing – the wrong approach since it seems I cut the ball more, but actually it’s the other way around. In my current normal swing, I kinda fall back (leaning too much to the right side) in the follow-through, what leads to left-orientated ball flights. Eliminating that by increasing the downswing to the outside corner, reduces the left cut and produces dead straight balls… finally!

I’m happy… if I just could play a bit more!!…

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