Reading: Bring me the Head of Sergio Garcia

If you follow this blog, you might have realised that I have little time to play golf currently but started to read a lot golf books lately. I’ve put aside all books on finance, economics and the credit crunch and started to appreciate to read about golf a lot. Not only to kill some time but as well to find some ideas for my own book and probably learn something for my golf game as well.

This book here was next on my list. Tom Cox writes about more or less dropping out of his job as a writer and starting play golf on a professional tour. Neither on the European Tour, nor on the Challenge Tour but at least on the third-tier EuroPro Tour.

He played a lot in his youth, quite well even but not as good as to survive on a pro tour. At some point in his life he decides to roll back the drop-out from golf and to start make it a living.

It’s definitely worth the read, quite funny here and there but not at all ‘the funniest book about golf ever written’ as advertised. But that’s OK. It’s interesting to read what challenges one face on the tour and how players have to adopt their lives under pressure to win tournaments and to play this beautiful sport not for fun but for a living.

Rating: B- because it’s very well written but not as funny as expected. You should read it anyways.

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