Ending of the season in south-east London: Shooters Hill Golf Club

It’s getting colder, darker, more humid and more unpredictable weather-wise. Daylight is gone by 4pm, at least if you need enough light to see the ball, especially when your swing is so inconsistent at the moment that you can’t predict whether the ball smashes into the bushes on the left, into the trees on the right or will come to a rest 275m further in the middle of the fairway. But what could I ask for – I have only played 5 rounds this year so far!!

So I wanted to play one more and call it a season here around London and a colleague wanted to come along to have a very last good golfing day in 2012, enjoying the game, enjoying a beautiful autumn day, breathing freely and to have a nice refreshing pint of Guinness at the club house afterwards.

We decided to play a round at Shooters Hill Golf Club, which is not far from our office in Canary Wharf. We left office quite early, headed to the course, jumped into the golf gear and off we went.  I have to say that I wasn’t really impressed with the course. It’s a par 69 course on a tiny field, leading to the fact that at some places everything is so small and compact and jammed together that within a lob wedge shot distance you’ll find 3 greens and 2 tee boxes. We even had to drive over another green on a par 3 and were hoping the other guys had seen us in our pre-shot routine.

Plus, the condition of the course wasn’t the best. That is probably understandable this time of the year with less maintenance efforts and lots of rain, but still, made the impression of a cheap public course – which it is not!

But what was really underwhelming was the club house. I haven’t ever seen such a run-down building on a golf course before. And the pro shop next to the putting green was no better. Truth be told, I was really disappointed because if you have a look at the pictures on their website, you’ll think: “holy moly, what a posh place just around the corner!” Realising though, that this is far from reality, you understand the reduced prices and that in the lounge bar, there were only 4 grandpas playing cards (with no car at the carpark, therefore locals).

So after playing 10 holes (till it got too dark to continue), walking the course up and down and up and down – it’s called Shooters “Hill” for a reason, we decided to quit, have a pint, head home and conclude the day and season.

And to be honest, I’m not sure if I’d be back soon. Probably next summer, I give it another try, the pictures on their website are so damn good looking… see here.


3 thoughts on “Ending of the season in south-east London: Shooters Hill Golf Club

  1. Thanks for your comment here! But what do you mean with “not sure where they come from”. I took them myself last week during my round. And having thought about it, I will definitely come back playing with some colleagues next year – it’s an easy commute from Canary Wharf. At this stage in late autumn however, it really doesn’t make sense anymore to go for an after-work round.
    I was playing in Dubai some weeks ago and these courses in the UAE are all equipped with floodlight facilities. That’s really amazing but disturbing to the eye for sure!
    Glad you like the website!

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