Ball Showcase: Stoke Park

A couple of weeks ago I took my bag and made my way to Stoke Park, a bit outside of west London. I met with a fellow golf blogger and we had a lovely day at this famous golf & country club that hosted various major films and was set for one of the most important golf scenes in modern film; the round of golf of James Bond 007 playing Auric Goldfinger in a matchplay. I organised a dozen of Penfold Heart balls and my mate was playing with Slazengers – just like Bond and Goldfinger.

Stoke Park owns an impressive 27-hole course and the day was (except some rain during the round) a very enjoyable experience. I wonder why they don’t sell the Bond-Experience in some way: organising the balls, maybe a caddie looking like Auric’s butler Oddjob, some wodka martinis in the bar afterwards… they could really make a fortune I guess, people from all over the world would love it.

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