Handicap statistics 12.2012

You might know, one of the main drivers of this blog is presenting you my progress in becoming a single digit handicap golfer, and to put some pressure onto myself. I know that I can do it but it might take some time, especially when I can’t get to the course as often as I wish I could.

Playing practice is key, I know, but currently it’s not really possible, living in London, traveling quite a bit, not owning a car… but none of this is an excuse really. I just have to force myself, but even more pressure on to get this thing started. This year I only played one single tournament! And guess what, I made it to 2nd in my class and didn’t even play really good golf. All that leads to my assumption that there is more in it… But for the moment I have to cope with my current situation.

On a more or less regular basis, I’d like to provide you with news on my current handicap and my progress to reduce it to 9.9 in the first place. I’d like to begin with the current status:


As you can see, the statistics start early 2009 with my handicap at that time of 22.8. It dropped quite a bit mid-2010 and mid-2011 but hardly in 2012. Which is a shame because I have the feeling that my swing never was as smooth as now. No idea why. So stay tuned, I’ll let you know some improvement, you bet!


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