Reading: A Major Obsession

Major ObsessionCurrently my free-time is quite tight and I have do a lot of other stuff but once in a while I try to read a good book. As you might have realised most of them were related to golf in the last months. So is the one that I’m currently reading. It’s Kenny Reid’s “A Major Obsession” and it’s quite an extensive report of his endeavour to follow all four golf majors in one year on-site. In his case in 2009 he went to Augusta to follow Angel Cabrera’s win, to Bethpage (Black) for the US Open with Lucas Glover winning over there, to The Open Championship (aka British Open) in Turnberry to see Stewart Cink lifting the Claret Jug and to Hazeltine for the PGA Championship in order to see Y.E. Yang winning the beautiful Wanamaker Trophy.

Scotsman Reid travelled all the way to these tournaments and as a massive golf fan he had much fun around the course and as well off the course. He gives the reader a broad picture about what’s happening from Wednesdays to Sundays on these famous courses and must have taken notes all the time to remember all that what he’s describing that elaborately. Following his words, it’s almost like watching it on TV and in addition everthing is enriched with funny stories about spectators, people that he met in the near-by hotels and about walking-around, respectively travelling challenges.

As I fancy professional golf as well, being pretty much interested in everything around the European Tour or the PGA Tour, it was a great read to feel the impressive mood of a major tournament. Up to now I’ve been to one tournament only and this year’s BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth will be the second. But reading about patrons (spectators) at Augusta National or the usual fans at US Opens, I really can’t wait for the moment I get the chance to be there as well. I was very close once: last year I’ve been to the Wednesday practice session of the US Open at the Olympic Club in San Francisco. I was travelling with my girlfriend and we didn’t have much time (as we wanted to make our way south to the Pebble Beach area) so my time there was rather short but hey, let’s call it a start.

Anyways, if you are following the major tournaments as well and golf is really your sport then you should consider reading this book for sure.

Rating: B+ because it provides everything you’d expect from a report of 4 consecutive major tournaments, but on the other hand it’s not one of these books that you can’t put aside because it’s too exciting… that’s definitely not the case.

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