Reading: Mein Golf Training

mgt_coverEven without any German language skills you understand the meaning and the purpose of this booklet. It’s on golf training. Currently only published in German (English to follow), this little work by Timo Schlitz is supposed to present everything you need to go that important bit further in your game.

We all know that situation; you go see a pro to improve your driving skills, feel like spending hundreds of hours (and euros or pounds or dollars) on the range, shooting balls into the sky and yes, you improve your driving skills. Does that make you a good golfer? Well, it definitely helps but golf is more than just range practice! And you definitely would screw any round without important skills around the green.

I know very few people that pay pros for giving them intense short game lessons and I know even fewer folks that spend money on putting sessions (unless they’re playing in a team). If you compare the distribution of your long game and short game pro sessions, I think I know the result. Do some ball striking and neglect the putting and some exercises that really help your game. You end up with disordered training contents and have to try on your own for the most part.

Timo’s booklet tries just to improve that – organised training sessions on your own. It’s pretty small in size, covered with plastic in order to keep it in the golf bag at all times. In it, you find 30 exercises, bundled in chapters on putting, chipping, bunker shots, pitching, driving and even course management training. Every exercise is explained and accompanied with basic information what you need, how long it takes, how to set up and what the real purpose of all that is. You can check your achievements and watch yourself improving from time to time.

Most of the units are adapted by tour players, so with every session you do, you’ll know that Phil Mickelson is doing the same thing, or Tiger Woods or Jim Furyk. With this you understand two things; the book is useful for all sorts of players, both beginners and scratch players, and even your idol tour player is practicing in kind of the same way.

If you want to improve your skills on the course and if you want to go that bit extra that no teaching pro shows you in the first place, then you are ready for this little helper by your side, right in your bag.

If you don’t speak German you should wait for the English translation to be released for sure. If you do speak, give it a try and see what small little games can do to your game – and I mean that in a positive way only!

Check out (German):

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