Balls, balls, balls… Golficiency balls!


Package 2 (of 2) was slightly bigger and heavier than the one with the wrist bands. It was a box with 12 dozens of freshly produced and printed Nike PD Soft ball packages, hence 144 shiny new golf balls with a double-sided print on it. One side has the “golficiency” logo on it, the other one only the iconic “G” – both in dark grey and beautifully manufactured for hopefully perfect playability.

I guess the season can begin; balls are no issue anymore! I do hope to play as long as possible with these golf balls because losing them somewhere in the woods would be unfortunate on one side, but would be a nice promo for this blog if someone else finds it. Finding a Golficiency ball somewhere in the rough wouldn’t be the best advertisement for my golf swing though…

Same for the wrist bands, I won’t sell these balls at all. This is only for my private joy and I will give some away as a present for a couple of friends.

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