New blog design… comments appreciated!

Oops! This is new… might be the words in your mind while looking at these new sites. Last night I switched to a new blog design. It’s not finished and there’s a bit to do here and there but you get a good feeling now already about the new design, new handling, new functions and different spots to find stuff.

I would be really interested an grateful if you could give me honest feedback on how you like it, whether it’s an improvement or possibly not. Especially one issue is interesting for me: very untypical for a blog, this site has a proper homepage now – a startpage from where you have to click once more to get to the blog itself. It’s one click more but for new visitors I reckon this is a much nicer way of welcoming them.

I’d really appreciate your support and taking the time to participate in this little poll. Multiple answers are possible. If you’ve never been to the old blog, then just rate the new look and feel.

If you could spare one more minute please leave a comment below and describe your thoughts, ideas for improvement, critics, etc.

Thank you.

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