Anybody thanked the BBC yet?!

Thursday and Friday I had busy days in the office and couldn’t keep up with The Open 2013 action in Muirfield. And to be honest I was afraid that the weekend would ruin a long awaited golf watching session. I’ve kept my calendar free for this event and originally wanted to be there on-site but in the end I thought to myself extreme-couching would be enough commitment to the only major on European soil.

Problem with golf broadcasts is that normally pay-tv like SKY takes over (which I don’t subscribe to) and I was afraid of another weekend in front of my computer, looking constantly for a better stream, either because I’m not able to understand Arabic or because the picture and sound quality is so lame that “buffering” is the only thing to recognise.

Only on Saturday I realised that the BBC airs the tournament in full lenght with everything you can dream of as a viewer on a couch, ready for the action on the course!

Thanks BBC #ThumbsUp

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