Gary Player is just the beginning

Couple of days back, I received an email providing me the short information that the Black Knight himself, Mr Fitness, Mr Gary Player started following me on Twitter! I was overwhelmed really. I haven’t expected something like this.

Now I think to myself, when I can attract Gary Player, who else is possible?! Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter, Rory? – all these heavy tweeters. Tiger Woods is out of the league, he’s only following 18 people (Lindsey Vonn, Nike, his own companies/foundations and very few others). And to be honest, I’d prefer others. Media people probably: Di Dougherty, Stephanie Wei or Ashley Mayo?… yes, why not! Nick Faldo definitely, golf architects, golf photographers, agents, journalists and players alike… all very appreciated.

I’ll do my best tomorrow to create a much bigger Twitter footstep in the golfing industry – and I hope the world is listening (ehm reading)! Keep you posted. #overandout #goodnight

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