The Open Sunday on Twitter – multitasking at its best!

I was lucky I don’t have to earn my money with this golf blog. And I was happy I could watch the golf on the TV rather than on the laptop via a crappy live stream. So it went well for me. But I thought to myself, come on let’s do some proper golf broadcasting.

Hence I made myself comfortable on the couch, TV in front, iPad, iPhone and MacBook in reach. And the rest of the day I was tweeting like hell, reading all that what other correspondents on-site were writing and tried to get into sort of a conversation. Not too much, I still wanted to enjoy the day but I started to realise it’s a quick game and one has to keep up with the pace of tweets coming through the wire. Nobody is interested in a missed put 10 minutes after it happened. During that time 50 others posted the same thing – with other comments, funnier jokes, or more cynicism in that fist seconds. You have to be quick!

This is a collection of some rememberable tweets of the day:

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