Bad golf luck this year!

It’s not a secret: I play a lot less than I wished! There were years when I played one round a week, from April to October. There were years when I played a little less but still enough to keep up with my game, not lose the touch around the green and kept my swing path for the long distance shots.

Then I came to England in 2011, thought it’s golf’s Mecca, everything will go in the right direction. Well, it didn’t. Without a car in this 14 million metropolis it’s a nightmare to get to courses. It takes ages, is overly complicated, exhausting and costs a fortune. As a matter of fact I had to reduce my number of rounds per year to a single digit number! I was heart broken. At least some corporate golf days enabled me to play some rounds – on weekdays, on beautiful courses, without the hassle of making sure I was allowed to play at some of these posh and classy London clubs.

This was last year. 2013 was supposed to become better. The weather was much nicer, I was willing to take some efforts and was again invited to some corporate golf days. It turned out it I was wrong with the big plan. First I couldn’t really find the time to do my planned UK golfing trips, neither Celtic Manor, nor The Belfry, not to mention the idea going to Scotland for Kingsbarns, Gleneagles and even St. Andrews. Lucky enough I managed to flee to Belek, Turkey for a full golfing week. That was brilliant golfing-wise. Other than that – take an educated guess – nothing!!

My office calendar went crazy during summer; I missed the client’s golf day invitation to The London Golf Club, missed the own golf day to The Grove and missed the other own golf day to St. George’s Hill. How stupid is that?!

I do really hope I find a solution for this situation – it’s just not bearable as it is right now. I’m looking forward to the Australia trip but I guess that’s it then for the year… a shame.

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