Vice Golf – A brand with the right sense for price, performance and aesthetics

In terms of golf brands I’m pretty much settled I reckon. Titleist is always my choice for drivers, woods and irons, wedges are made by Bob Vokey and for putters I trust Scotty Cameron. So I’m pretty much a Titleist guy in golf, as I am a Canon guy in photography.

Furthermore I choose FootJoy for shoes and gloves. So again the Titleist, i.e. Acushnet family which I rely on.

For balls however, I was always switching around, never sure what to use, what impact to expect and struggled in general to sense much difference between balls – my game was just not constant enough. Boy, I know some people, either extremely young or with a handicap of 36 saying “I only play Titleist Pro V1″… and although I really appreciate Titleist, this attitude is totally rubbish in my opinion. A head shake was all I had for these type of guys.

So in my past I played everything which was not the cheapest but at the same time not as ridiculously expensive such as the Pro V1 or Pro VX1. I bought lake balls, played cheap Bridgestones or the Noodle, I’ve ordered hundreds of Nike and put my Golficiency logo on it.

But now I found another great alternative: Germany-based Vice Golf produce high-quality balls with a great price-performance ratio, plus the overall appearance of the brand is very much eye-pleasing. So exactly how I like it.

For the more personal touch, Vice offers an online configurator to offer prints and personalisation. I’d advise you pals, check out this film for a short introduction to the brand and give the website (link below) a chance. It’s worth a try!

For more information on Vice Golf please follow this link:

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