Golf Club Wümme: Visiting my long-time home course for the very first time

Sounds weird? That’s because it is weird. During my time in Frankfurt in London I used to be a member of a golf club near Bremen and Hamburg. It’s a strange German thing to make use of so-called Long Distance Memberships, i.e. being a member of club which is so far from where you live that you’ll basically never play there. The club just issues the official membership card, keeps track of your handicap and manages the administration – which is not much. For that you pay an annual fee which theoretically lets you play all courses in the world by paying regular green fee.

So I’ve been member to Golf Club Wümme for several years now, but never played the course. Over Easter I was visiting my parents who happen to live in north Germany, not far from GC Wümme, so I decided to give it a try and see what my home course looks like.

The club is situated in a very remote area, if you don’t have a satnav, you won’t find it! Once you park your car you might walk over to the club house which used to be a farm house back in the days – as the whole grounds used to be a huge farm in former times. I’d describe the atmosphere as cosy – very nice people, everybody is friendly and greeting. I have to admit there were mainly elderly people on course, but for a Wednesday morning that’s more than understandable.

Some words to the course (and I recommend to check out the pictures below as well): In general the setting is pretty flat, there are no huge undulations, neither dunes or elevations of any kind. The holes are not spectacular but fairly interesting nonetheless. In other words, it’s a solid course, nothing too fancy but not boring either. There’s nothing to complain really and the course currently undergoes a renovation, respectively an extension to 27 holes.

As I had a meeting scheduled for the early afternoon, I immediately started my round without warming up or spending a bucket of balls on the range. The weather was supposed to get much better and so I was looking forward to my round. The two elderly women in front of me were more chatting than playing golf and I was happy to finally play through on hole 5.

Outstanding holes or at least the stretch I liked the most is the 10 through 12. The 10 a nice not too fancy par 4, slight doglet left with an elevated green. The 11 on the other hand is a (slight) downhill par 3, well secured by a lake to the left hand side. The 12 is a fairly wide par 4, again uphill but here you have the choice to risk the tricky and long shot over a pond or play save to the fairway on the right with the longer way to go to the green. I hit a wonderful shot over the lake towards the hole, chipped on the green, missed the birdie putt and scored a par.

Overall the course is nice but nothing a long journey would stand to reason. It’s flat, therefore a bit dull but it was a good day out anyway – the weather was great, I had the course to myself after hole 5 and absolutely enjoyed the round. €40 well spent…

Please have a look at the GC Wümme website if you wish:

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