Golf Absolute – 10 courses with 1 membership

logogolfabsIn January I moved back from the UK to Germany. During my time in London I only played a handful courses, much less than I wished I would play. But it was tricky to create time for golf when my girlfriend was still in Germany and we tried to see each other as often as possible.

So with my move I knew I had to change something. I knew I wanted to play more regularly and definitely improve my handicap dramatically. For that reason I was looking for some appropriate courses around Frankfurt, Germany and took distance from home, fees, course quality and some other factors into account.

What I came up with is a new club which I’m member of since beginning of May. It’s the Golf Club Bachgrund, a Golf Absolute club.

Golf Absolute is a golf course management company, run by Dr. Weiland, which currently owns ten courses in the south-west of Germany. You pay a monthly fee and you are allowed to play all courses without extra charge. So in theory one could play ten different courses in ten days and wouldn’t pay any greenfees – just the standard monthly fee for the home club. That’s pretty smart I think – and unique in Germany. Weiland therefore is the biggest golf course manager in Germany.

Here is a small map of the courses which belong to the Golf Absolute umbrella.

For more information please check out my new club’s website: Golf Club Bachgrund or the Golf Absolute website.

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