Alice Cooper and his (golf) addiction

Sometimes golfers feel the immanent pressure to head to the course and shoot some balls, practice or play a proper round of golf. Some others are on top of that interested in the pro tours, read golf articles and books. Some others even write blogs about golf…

One might call that addiction, but obviously this is kind of a good addiction: it’s a gentlemen sport, you are active, you are outside, blend in with nature and you train muscles, brain, strategy, etc. All-in-all quite positive outcomes of an addiction, wouldn’t you say?

Of course there are other sorts of addictions, the ones that came to your mind when you read the heading of this article. In the below video Alice Cooper, the “godfather of shock rock”, explains bits and pieces of his past, his addictions and why and how golf became his biggest passion in life – and his rescue from death eventually.

Now he plays off 2… yes, T-W-O!!

By the way, the course he’s playing in this video: yep, already on my bucket list!! Troon North in Scottsdale, AZ, Martin Kaymer’s new hood and quite a golf beauty.

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