Slow round at Golfpark Trages

Couple of days ago I figured it’s time now to check out some other courses of the Golf Absolute Corporation. My new home club belongs to this golf management company (run by Dr. Weiland) and so do 9 others. I already explained some details of this system in one of my older posts (read this).

Golf Club Hof Trages is an old course but the newest addition to the group, was renamed to Golfpark Trages and will in the near future be remodeled and (I hope) extensively refurbished. Over a couple of months (if not years) there has been a legal dispute and battle over the club and course in which the tenant wasn’t willing to properly pay the landlord the monthly rent. After some court decisions and a closure of the course for quite some time, it was re-opened recently under the new management of Golf Absolute.

So the good news is the course is playable again. It’s definitely not in perfect shape, neither the course nor the surroundings, but I saw some movement and am confident that this course will be a great one again at some point.

I was grouped together with 3 elderly people, all very nice and charming but not very good in golf. I mean they play the game for 14 years now, they knew how to drive but honestly, my sand wedge pitch is longer than their drives. They barely cleared the rough and landed on the fairway… But they had fun, were very kind, so I didn’t really bother.

This won’t be the last time that I played the course. As it is free of extra charge for Golf Absolute members and quite a nice setting, I will be back at some point. Maybe earlier than I think…

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