Golfclub Rheinhessen: A rolling course in the middle of vineyards

Rheinhessen is a region in Germany where the biggest industry is the production of wine. The Golfclub Rheinhessen sits on top of a vineyard and is basically surrounded by grape vines. So far so good – the setting is very nice, it’s roughly an hour from Frankfurt and home course to one of my golfing colleagues. He invited me to join him for a round on this beautiful Sunday. No need to say that I was looking forward to a great golfing treat.

To cut the long story short; my golf was awful today! Total rubbish! From the 5th hole I stopped noting down strokes on the scorecard and just tried to end the round more or less in style – which was rather impossible. The tee shots, well some of them were okish, most weren’t. My approach shots: absolutely disgraceful! Not a single 5-iron, 6-iron shot that was straight. And I shanked so many balls today, it’s unbelievable… and never happened to me like this.

We had over 32°C/90°F today and it was really tricky to stay concentrated and hydrated. But it as well showed that even when the last rounds I played had been quite well, I definitely lack consistency and the last touch around the green. How to solve this? I’m gonna have a decent training session tomorrow to work on some things… necessary unfortunately!

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