Martin Kaymer: The New Boss

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The new boss.

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He accomplished what very few had anticipated, he managed to fulfill what very few believed: Martin Kaymer, after his astonishing 65s on Thursday and Friday played another 2 great rounds of golf and left the complete field behind him. As a result Martin became the 2014 US Open Champion at Pinehurst No. 2!

What a weekend! What a course and what a show! From a German or a Continental European perspective this is the ultimate result one could ask for. Martin wins his second major, has the 2014 Players under his belt, has been world no 1 for a short period of time – and more importantly – found back his swing, willingness and ability to win tournaments.

After he realised that he’s probably not a complete golfer, he decided to make changes to his swing to be able to shape the ball more and in various ways. That caused him for quite a while some problems getting up and down in many recent tournaments. Now he’s back with his new swing and obviously the hard and tough drill totally worked out. With this form, he’s tough to beat!

With 8 points clear he won the US Open on Sunday. In the absence of Tiger Woods and basically with no real chance for US boys to lift the trophy, the American crowd was… well, let’s call it a bit bored. Plus Martin is definitely not the stage hog some would love to see – he’s just the grounded, modest, very nice chap from next door who happens to be very good at hitting some white balls around a field. But it was a great tournament and he deserves this trophy so much!

I believe Martin will win some other great tournaments in the near future. Whether that’s The Open and hence his third major? I don’t know, probably not, but he’s got the passion and ability now to win again while he played himself back into our hearts…. into mine at least.

All the best, Martin! Can’t wait to see you winning again. And by the way: I’ve put you down again for my dream foursome (see on the right)…

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