This is where I belong for the next weeks – the putting green!

The good thing about regular play is, you really realise where your weaknesses are. After the tournament last weekend I knew what to do over the next weeks: practice putting big time!!

Still my thumb hurts quite a bit, therefore long range sessions are out of scope. Plus, it became obvious that I could easily save 6-8 shots a round just by being better in putting. I had a lousy putting stroke average over the last weeks and always thought that would automatically become better. Probably right for the general feeling, but for saving strokes on purpose I definitely need to practice putting.

Normally I try to avoid this. I think that’s really boring but it changes your mind once you realise that a 5cm tap-in counts the same as a 250m drive. The more I can avoid 3-putts the better, the more putts fall with only one stroke, even much better! #Project12

So that’s the goal for the next two to three weeks: quick range session just for a warm-up, 18-holes if possible, followed by an extensive putting session – even if it’s boring like hell!

Do you guys have any advice how to create a fun and not-boring practice environment? Any cool putting “games” that you could recommend?

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