Tiger Woods is back in the game

He’s back! After back surgery and a lengthy recovery process he today turned to the media at his first tournament since early March.

Watch the whole media session via Golf Channel here and see what Tiger went through over the last weeks and months. No doubt this was a tough time for him but undoubtedly he’s back in winning mode, yearning for some further wins down the line.

He said he’s there for winning, not just for practicing. So his mindset is clear: play some tournaments, be in contention as often as possible, play the next majors, progress well and then do as if nothing ever happened.

Future will tell if Tiger can adapt to the new breed in golf and whether he’s still one of the greatest players out there. I have no doubt that he will make it to the top of some leaderboards much quicker than he/we/his contestants thought he would.

And by the way: how good is that to have a pitch and putt area in the home backyard…#spoiledlife

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