Play like a pro, look like a pro!

Play like a pro, look like a pro! Well, while the former is rather tricky to achieve, the latter is much easier. Nowadays all the big stars are beeing scripted by the big apparel and outfitter companies, meaning some designers and PR-agents make their minds up what these guys on tour should wear on what particular day. Everybody knows about Tiger’s red shirt on Sundays or Ricky Fowler’s all-orange thing.

It was never so easy to look like your favourite player – even if your swing looks lightyears from it! All the big clothing companies offer their golf tour attire for sale, be it IJP, Nike, BOSS, Adidas, Oakley, Polo and all the others.

Today I was lucky enough to receive a package from IJP Design, the clothing company by Ian Poulter. You know Poults as a very strong believer in the importance of a proper and colour matching outfit. His videos are legend in which he shows the audience his wardrobe and extensive shoe collection. He’s crazy about clothes and he would not neglect that at all. I’m not the biggest fan of all what he’s wearing – especially checked trousers (“Tartan style”) is definitely not my cup of tea.

But the basics are pretty awesome. IJP offers some very nice polos, high-quality trousers and sweaters. Looking trough the online store, I went for the “Tour Look”, a collection of polos and trousers which are usually worn by Ian and equipped with all the sponsor logos… so that makes it easy to look like a pro!

The major difference is you don’t earn a cent showing off these company logos and you might want to have a rather nice golf swing, otherwise it could be quite embarrassing.

Check out Ian’s wardrobe here: I like the fact he obviously is aware that he’s sort of special in his approach to hangers, colours and order.

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